Remove comments in a php script

This script remove a comments from another php script.
Run script from shell and add name of the php script as argument.

    $source = $argv[1];
    $fileStr = file_get_contents($source);
    $newStr  = '';
    $commentTokens = array(T_COMMENT);
    if (defined('T_DOC_COMMENT'))
        $commentTokens[] = T_DOC_COMMENT;   
	if (defined('T_ML_COMMENT'))
        $commentTokens[] = T_ML_COMMENT;
	$tokens = token_get_all($fileStr);
    foreach ($tokens as $token) {
        if (is_array($token)) {
			if (in_array($token[0], $commentTokens))
			$token = $token[1];
        $newStr .= $token;
    $handle = fopen($source, "w");
        fwrite($handle, $newStr);
        //echo "open";
        echo "no fucking handle!!";

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