Identificazione modelli Apple ipad

iPad Air

ip air A1474,
ip air A1475 (Wi-Fi + Cell),

iPad mini con display Retina

ip mini retina A1489,
ip mini retina A1490 (Wi-Fi + Cell),

iPad (4a generazione)

ip4 A1458,
ip4 A1459 (Wi-Fi Cell),
ip4 A1460 (Wi-Fi Cell MM),

iPad mini

ip mini A1432,
ip mini A1454 (Wi-Fi Cell),
ip mini A1455 (Wi-Fi Cell MM),

iPad (3a generazione)

ip3 A1416,
ip3 A1430 (Wi-Fi Cell),
ip3 A1403 (Wi-Fi Cell VZ),

iPad 2

ip2 A1395,
ip2 A1397 (Wi-Fi 3G CDMA),
ip2 A1396 (Wi-Fi 3G GSM),


ip A1219,
ip A1337 (Wi-Fi + 3G),

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