Calculate md5 in windows

Microsoft (R) File Checksum Integrity Verifier V2.05

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Usage:  fciv.exe [Commands] <Options>

Commands: ( Default -add )

-add    <file | dir> : Compute hash and send to output (default screen).

dir options:
-r       : recursive.
-type    : ex: -type *.exe.
-exc file: list of directories that should not be computed.
-wp      : Without full path name. ( Default store full path)
-bp      : base path. The base path is removed from the path name of each entry

-list            : List entries in the database.

-v               : Verify hashes.
: Option: -bp basepath.

-? -h -help      : Extended Help.

-md5 | -sha1 | -both    : Specify hashtype, default md5.
-xml db                 : Specify database format and name.

To display the MD5 hash of a file, type fciv.exe filename

Compute hashes:
fciv.exe c:\mydir\myfile.dll
fciv.exe c:\ -r -exc exceptions.txt -sha1 -xml dbsha.xml
fciv.exe c:\mydir -type *.exe
fciv.exe c:\mydir -wp -both -xml db.xml

List hashes stored in database:
fciv.exe -list -sha1 -xml db.xml

fciv.exe -v -sha1 -xml db.xml
fciv.exe -v -bp c:\mydir -sha1 -xml db.xml


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